A sound mind in a sound body is a proverb we are all familiar with. Regular exercise leaves your body fit and puts you in a great mood. Sometimes, however, is it necessary to make changes in an exercise routine because boredom leads to giving it up! Although dancing or fitness like zumba can make your days joyous and warm, spending time outdoors must not be neglected. Srijem offers a myriad of interesting sports activities all year round.



When seen on film, golf does not look difficult at all. It seems like a light, slightly longer walk in nature where the goal is to stop every once in a while and hit the little ball, right? The goal of this sport truly is to hit the little white ball, as few times as possible from the beginning to the end of the course. But this is not as simple as it seems. It takes a lot of practice. You can hone your swings or learn them on the estate of Principovac in Ilok. When you get them right, you can go golfing on the course situated on the same estate.



Known all over the world, in Croatia softball was practiced only by women until 2001. It has since become very popular and men have signed on as well, despite the fact that the club is not wooden, like in all the baseball movies. The diamant shaped court for softball is somewhat smaller and the ball is bigger (and not any softer!) but do not let that stop you from learning or practicing this great game at the local softball club Perun in Pitomača.


Recreational flying

If golf and softball are just not enough of an adrenalin high for you, in Srijem you can go flying. There are two aeronautical clubs in the area, one in Vinkovci, the other in Vukovar. The aeronautical club Vrabac in Vinkovci has a grass airstrip of 1300 meters where airplanes up to 5700 kg can land. It also features a workshop and a dormitory where you can spend the night should you need to. In addition to recreational flying, at the aeronautical club Borovo you can go ballooning, paragliding and air sailing.



What if it’s pouring cats and dogs? Some do not mind at all, but others prefer to do their exercise dry. No worries: there are plenty of sports centers in Srijem. The Apello fitness center in Vinkovci is used by a host of local sportsmen and there you can try your hand at boxing, see what kind of aerobics is popular in Srijem and check out what exactly an insanity exercise program entails. Free climbing, squash or table tennis awaits you, during all kinds of weather, at the Fitness center Zara.

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