Until 90 million years ago Fruška gora was an island in the Panonian sea; today it is beautiful (and only!) mountain in Voivodina, the oldest national park in Serbia, the place that among numerous beauties, scenery and sights also hides beautiful orthodox monasteries

Once there were even 35, but due to devastation and wars, only 16 are still preserved.  Krušedol, Hopovo, Beočin, Rakovac, Velika Remeta, Bešenevo…, are just a part of an impressive list of monasteries that are listed as cultural goods of great significance for Serbia, and which are recommended for the UNESCO list of world heritage.

Even though there are data that prove that some of them existed even in the 12th century, the majority exist from the firt half of the 16th century, and where built by the despot family Branković. These sacral objects were once the centre of literacy, literal creation and art, a sort of pillar of spiritual and political life of the region, and today they are valuable religious, historical and cultural objects which cannot be missed during the visit of Fruška gora.

Majority of monasteries are renewed. Apart from architecture, beautiful forest nature that surrounds them will leave you breathless. Each of them has its own story. Most of tourists will not visit them all, but monasteries Velika Remeta, Beočin and Krušedol are those that will keep you for a longer time.

Manastir_ Velika Remeta (1)

Velika Remeta Monastery

Velika Remeta is the right place for those who search for spiritual peace and words of comfort. Namely, as you enter the monastery, which is situated at the furthest east part of Fruška gora, only a few hundred meters form the source of the well Šelovrenac, you can buy spiritual books at very affordable prices, and the hosts will always welcome you cordially and exchange a couple of words with you. Monastery Velika Remeta is considered one of the oldest, as it was allegedly built at the end of the 13th century by the then king Dragutin. It is also special because it has the highest belfry in Syrmia, with the height of 38,6 meters. Beautiful garden, small ethno-village with belvedere (where you can also grill!), the well Ubavac, famous for the water which clears the sight, are some of the attractions offered by this monastery.

On the way to Irigo you will come to Krušedol, which is today a female monastery, also called the eternal home of Serbian great men. Đorđe Branković and his mother Angelina were buried there, she also brought the remains of her husband and his brother to the monastery Krušedol. The monastery holds the relics of two patriarchs, the princess Ljubica Obrenović and king Milan Obrenović, and beautiful iconography intrigues even those who are not so interested in art.


Krušedol Monastery

If you have not visited Versailles, the residence of French kings from the 17tha and 18th centuries, you must not miss to see the monastery Beočin. This monastery is adorned with Ljuti potok and park planted by the French 150 years ago. The group of gardeners which decorated the park around the Versailles castle came and made a small copy of it, with a fountain and a pool in the middle.