They call it „Danubian kingdom of wine and ancient things”, it is well-known for its hospitality, and since recently there is a restaurant with a Michelin recommendation. You just have to visit Syrmian town of Ilok. Meet Ilok, town with most beautiful sunrise, top-quality Traminac, one saint, mighty Danube and winegrowing Fruška gora. You will […]

The golden nectar in a wine glass has a mysterious origin. Graševina is assumed to have come from Central Europe. Germans have called it Welschriesling since ancient times, which translates as “Romanic Riesling”, while most synonyms in Central Europe are variations on the name “Italian Riesling”. Historians assume that this wine variety found its way […]

Everybody dreams of time travel, but few have the imagination to make it happen, if only in their minds. If you cannot get you imagination going from the armchair, go to the source – visit the place  history was made in and your imagination will be fired up. Croatia is full of excellent locations which […]