Light and easy-going just like Sylvaner, attractive like Chardonnay, verified like Riesling, surprising like Merlot, unique and unusual like Traminer – such is the journey through Syrmia and Slavonia Why not start the story of Syrmian wines with an international sort, untypical for Syrmia and Slavonia? It is a surprise to your palate, light and […]

Vienna admired it, the emperors worshiped it,  and it was even drunk on Titanic It was served across courts in medieval Europe, its aromas delighted the aristocracy of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy, including the Habsburg empress Maria Theresia, and it was served on Titanic, along with fine delicacies Did the dessert wine Bermet (German vermouth) so […]

The golden nectar in a wine glass has a mysterious origin. Graševina is assumed to have come from Central Europe. Germans have called it Welschriesling since ancient times, which translates as “Romanic Riesling”, while most synonyms in Central Europe are variations on the name “Italian Riesling”. Historians assume that this wine variety found its way […]