You can go sightseeing anywhere in the world if you follow your interests. Following your own itinerary will allow you to get to know the place you are visiting quite well. Still, you can experience the authentic spirit of a place only if you take part in local events, something not prepared for tourists but for the locals’ enjoyment. The hospitality of Slavonia is legendary for a reason and Srijem has no shortage of events. We’ve picked the ones we like the best and we hope you will enjoy them as much as the locals do.


Vinkovačke jeseni (Vinkovci Falls)

The biggest folklore festival in this part of Europe gets better every year. The first festival was held back in 1966 and it did not take long for the festival that celebrates folk dancing, clothing and music from Slavonia to become one of the most famous festivals of this kind in Croatia and abroad. If you are not afraid of crowds – more than 100 thousand people gather for the festival – join the national Slavonian kulen sausages contest, take a ride in a fiacre, dance to the traditional music of the area and find out why everyone near and far have been going to Vinkovci in the fall for over half a century now.


Vinkovo in Ilok

Each January Ilok traditionally celebrates the feast of St. Vincent – “Vinkovo”, which is popularly also known as ‘Vincekovo’, ‘Vincelovo’ or ‘Vinceće’. The celebration is held in honor of St. Vincent, the protector of the vineyard and winery, and it`s celebrated by cutting the vine and vineyard tour. It marks the beginning of work in Syrmia vineyards. The custom is to cut a few vines which are then placed along the windows to predict whether the year will be fruitful. During the manifestation it is possible to visit the vineyards and wine cellars and people enjoy good wine, homemade food and sounds of tamburica.


Harvest and farm threshing in the past, Županja

Harvest and farm threshing in the past is an annual celebration of harvest and farm threshing works and customs that left their mark on social and cultural life of Slavonia. Manifestation traditionally takes place on first saturday of July in the town of  Županja. Reapers will reap, popular tamburaši will play music and all you have to do is experience various performances, ride horse-drawn carts, dance in a kolo and enjoy traditional Slavonian food and drinks. Živjeli!


Vukovar film festival

Most Croatians spend their summers on the Adriatic, but come August a large number of them flock to – Vukovar, to the only Danube region film festival. This festival, which is also unique because it’s held on a river, has a very rich programme every year: there are feature films, short films and documentaries in competition and a myriad of other films out of it. A great time on the Danube as well as in the nearby town is enhanced by additional events such as concerts and film workshops.

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Roman days in Vinkovci

It has been proven that the area of Vinkovci is inhabited for over 8000 years, which makes Vinkovci the oldest European city. It is a city with a rich Roman history. The Romans called the city Colonia Aurelia Cibalae and two Roman emperors were born in it. In memory of a magnificent history, every year in May manifestation ‘Roman days’ is held in Vinkovci to bring visitors closer to the spirit of old times. ‘Roman days’ is event that will delight both children and adults and everyone will have the opportunity to learn and have fun. Come to Vinkovci, try the old Roman delicacies, play forgotten games, watch the gladiators fight and enjoy discovering the Roman customs!