They call it „Danubian kingdom of wine and ancient things”, it is well-known for its hospitality, and since recently there is a restaurant with a Michelin recommendation. You just have to visit Syrmian town of Ilok. Meet Ilok, town with most beautiful sunrise, top-quality Traminac, one saint, mighty Danube and winegrowing Fruška gora. You will […]

These are the places of special energy and spirituality. Syrmian churches, small churches and chapels in the fields, on the slopes above Danube, in the villages, simply call for contemplation. You will enjoy their beauties, stories and legends Almost unknown to general public and they say that Our Lady heals there. What Lourdes is for […]

Vienna admired it, the emperors worshiped it,  and it was even drunk on Titanic It was served across courts in medieval Europe, its aromas delighted the aristocracy of the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy, including the Habsburg empress Maria Theresia, and it was served on Titanic, along with fine delicacies Did the dessert wine Bermet (German vermouth) so […]

In Vukovar-Srijem county they know how to present historical facts in a modern and interesting way. Here, for the first time in Croatia, they “revived” famous persons. Not one, but three! Meet them live! Nobel Prize winner Lavoslav Ružička, ruler Nikola of Ilok and governor Josip Šokčević. The three of them await the visitors in […]

Šokački (dialect of the Šokci community) belongs to the Shtokavian dialect and incorporates first the Ikavian and then also Jekavian pronunciation. The region west of Vinkovci uses the western Ekavian (Ivankovo, Vođinci, Šiškovci, etc.), while in Vinkovci and Slakovci Ikavian is more common. Nowadays only the elderly still use the original Šokački, which implies that […]

You can go sightseeing anywhere in the world if you follow your interests. Following your own itinerary will allow you to get to know the place you are visiting quite well. Still, you can experience the authentic spirit of a place only if you take part in local events, something not prepared for tourists but […]