National park „Fruška gora“ will next year celebrate its sixty years of foundation. It is full of paths, cultural monuments, picnic areas… In its Croatian part one should mention   Bird watching center in Nijemci which offers the possibility of bird watching from a tourist boat. Spačva is a river that pours into Bosut near Lipovci and Apševci, and common oak forests in Spačva pool are widely known. In Bošnjaci you can visit Forest museum, one of two such institutions in Croatia.




After finding out about the wines in Croatian part of Syrmia, we are headed towards the East and we are finding out about the wines in Vojvodina part of Syrmia. Croatian Syrmian wine scene is really big, but the one in Vojvodina is even bigger, due to the fact that a larger part of Fruška Gora is in Serbian part of Syrmia. Ilok is the easternmost part of Croatian Syrmia, a part of Croatian territory deeply cut into the territory of the Republic of Serbia (its Vojvodina counterpart is the village Jamena, a far south-western part of Syrmia) and four border crossings lead from Ilok to Serbia, one of them is towards Bačka, and three towards Syrmia.


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Šokački (dialect of the Šokci community) belongs to the Shtokavian dialect and incorporates first the Ikavian and then also Jekavian pronunciation. The region west of Vinkovci uses the western Ekavian (Ivankovo, Vođinci, Šiškovci, etc.), while in Vinkovci and Slakovci Ikavian is more common.

Nowadays only the elderly still use the original Šokački, which implies that it is in decline and slowly disappearing. The generation that comes after them uses the old Shtokavian dialect, but mixed with the new Shtokavian. The newer generations use Šokački only on rare occasions. više

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A sound mind in a sound body is a proverb we are all familiar with. Regular exercise leaves your body fit and puts you in a great mood. Sometimes, however, is it necessary to make changes in an exercise routine because boredom leads to giving it up! Although dancing or fitness like zumba can make your days joyous and warm, spending time outdoors must not be neglected. Srijem offers a myriad of interesting sports activities all year round. više

Top 5 kulturnih manifestacija u Srijemu koje ne smijete propustiti 2 LEKT_1

You can go sightseeing anywhere in the world if you follow your interests. Following your own itinerary will allow you to get to know the place you are visiting quite well. Still, you can experience the authentic spirit of a place only if you take part in local events, something not prepared for tourists but for the locals’ enjoyment. The hospitality of Slavonia is legendary for a reason and Srijem has no shortage of events. We’ve picked the ones we like the best and we hope you will enjoy them as much as the locals do. više